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After much public inquiry about a women's line we started a women's focused line and complete entity along with new marketing and advertising. Taking careful cues from Suavecito's original line in terms of pricing, product development, branding and marketing. This line is specifically tailored for women. The brand has a full range of women's cosmetics, styling products and merchandise. It has done very well and it's popularity is only growing.


Suavecita Hair Producs

After many years of research and development, our women’s line, Suavecita, was born. Each product is carefully crafted with ingredients chosen for their restorative & reparative properties. The hair styling and shampoo & conditioner line are formulated to work for any hairstyle and are suitable for all hair types.

The Suavecita Semi-Permanent Hair Color line is a direct dye system that does not require a developer. These fantastic, long-lasting vibrant shades were formulated without PPD, peroxide, ammonia or alcohol. In fact, the line is conditioner-based so each coloring session doubles as a deep conditioning treatment to maintain and improve the integrity of the hair.


With high quality cosmetics ranging from liquid lipsticks, eyebrow pencils to makeup brushes, the Suavecita cosmetic line is ever-growing in offerings and reach. Each product in the line (including Suavecita Synthetic Silk Eyelashes) is vegan and cruelty-free.

Suavecita Cosmetic Products